Fondi ta' Investiment

Din it-taqsima tinkludi statistika tal-karta ta’ bilanċ ta’ fondi ta’ investiment liċenzjati f’Malta.

  Fondi ta' Investiment
Aggregated Statement of Assets and Liabilities - Investment Funds
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Newsletter on Key Statistics and Main Statutory Reporting concepts

Issue No. 5/2023 - Key statistics and higlights on the Profit and Loss statistical reporting

Issue No. 4/2023 – Key statistics and highlights on Non-ISIN Bond instruments

Issue No. 3/2023 – Key statistics and highlights on some of Infostat’s Deterministic and Plausibility checks

Issue No. 2/2023 - Key statistics and highlights on the Monthly Liabilities sheet ('ML_incl_PL')

Issue No. 1/2022: Key Statistics, highlights on Sheet A1 Deposit and Loan Claims & definition of MFIs.


Interactive visual tool comparing Malta's Investment Funds statistics with other related Euro Area statistics: