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Career Opportunities

As part of its development strategy, the Central Bank of Malta is always looking for individuals with strong academic and professional qualifications who are interested in seeking employment with the Bank. The Central Bank of Malta offers great careers in various disciplines, such as economics, statistics, finance, treasury, information technology, human resources, accountancy and internal audit. The posts can be at entry level, or at graduate and professional levels, according to the Bank’s requirements. The Bank seeks candidates with qualifications from reputable universities and recognised professional institutions.


Why consider the Central Bank of Malta?

The Central Bank of Malta offers rewarding and challenging opportunities to newly recruited employees to support their personal and professional growth and recognition:

  • competitive salaries;
  • career advancement based on meritocracy;
  • benefits applicable to employees within the banking sector such as subsidised house loans;
  • assistance in both time and money to pursue self-development opportunities at bachelor, master and doctorate levels;
  • participation in overseas meetings at the European System of Central Banks, the Eurosystem and at other institutions;
  • health insurance for staff and their dependents;
  • death in service benefit;
  • participation in the Bank’s Life and Accident Insurance Scheme;
  • subsidy of membership subscription to professional bodies.

The Bank also offers attractive benefits to satisfy the well-being of employees, and to support a work-life balance through family-friendly measures:

  • excellent work environment;
  • confidential and professional assistance to employees requiring help through the Bank’s Employee Assistance Programme;
  • participation in the Staff and Organisation Support Programme to promote  mental well-being;
  • The Central Bank of Malta also organises sport and social activities.

Click here for a list of Employee Benefits at the Central Bank of Malta.

Employment policy

  • It is the Bank’s policy to recruit personnel at clerical and executive levels on a full-time or part-time basis according to specific needs. Initially the contract of employment will be for a fixed term.
  • The Bank is an equal opportunity employer and subscribes to a policy of non-discrimination both during the selection process and in the course of employment.  
  • Any recruitment carried out by the Bank is subject to national legislation.
  • The Bank also enforces a strict sexual harassment policy to promote a positive working environment.

Health & Safety

The Bank provides a healthy and safe working environment by:

  • complying with all statutory rules and accepted codes and practices relating to health and safety, including the Occupational Health and Safety Authority Act Cap. 424;
  • developing Organisation Health and Safety policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • ensuring that all line managers understand and take responsibility for the health and safety process in each work area;
  • providing information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that staff are aware of safe work practices, emergency procedures and any possible risks to health and safety in their work environment;
  • consulting with staff and the Occupational Health and Safety representative on issues relating to health and safety;
  • providing a weekly clinic to staff;
  • holding regular health screening programmes for staff.

Recruitment Channels

  • All vacancies at the Bank are advertised both internally and externally simultaneously. However, the Bank reserves the right for certain positions to advertise these internally first and if no internal applicants are found, an external recruitment process is activated.
  • Vacancies are advertised in the media and on the Bank’s website and LinkedIn platform

Selection Process

  • Written assessment

For certain positions, an assessment in the form of a written test or delivery of a presentation is required to assess the candidates' abilities to take on the role. The assessment is conducted in English. For certain senior positions, a personality psychometric test is also administered by an occupational psychologist.  

  • Interview

An independent panel will interview the candidates to further assess their skills, competencies and abilities to assume the responsibilities of the role.

  • Medical examination

Candidates who are successful in the selection process will have to undergo a medical examination, under the direction of the Bank's medical adviser, before they are employed by the Bank.

  • Security checks

The Bank carries out a security check on all prospective employees before they are employed.

  • References

The Bank asks prospective applicants to submit names of two referees who will be contacted by the Bank once the applicant accepts the offer for employment.

  • Offer of Employment

Successful candidates are issued with an offer of employment (subject to a probationary period as stipulated in the Employment and Industrial Relations Act Cap. 452.). Once the offer is accepted by the candidate, the engagement date is established.

  • Induction

On engagement, new recruits undergo an induction programme to become familiar with the rules, regulations and general functions of the Bank.

Job Alert

If you would like to receive email alerts of vacancies at the Bank please complete our subscription form. When job vacancies arise, you will be immediately sent an email informing you of the details of the call.

Protecting your privacy

Any personal data is processed in accordance with the requirements of applicable local and EU legislation on data protection including the 'General Data Protection Regulation' - GDPR, Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Any personal data shall be visible only to a limited number of staff members of the Central Bank of Malta and shall be used solely for recruitment purposes. The retention period of this personal data shall be in accordance with the Bank's retention policy. By applying, candidates are thus giving their consent for their personal data to be processed by the Central Bank of Malta for recruitment purposes only. Applicants have the right to access and port data, rectify, erase and restrict their personal data, to object to its processing and to withdraw consent. Complaints on data protection may also be addressed to the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner via www.idpc.org.mt.