Financial Soundness Indicators

The Central Bank of Malta releases aggregated Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs). The concepts and definitions underpinning these FSIs are mainly based on the 'The Financial Soundness Indicators: Compilation Guide (Guide)' and its amendments as reflected in the note 'Amendments to the Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs): Compilation Guide (Guide)' of the IMF. These indicators have been developed by the International Monetary Fund in response to the financial market crises. The main scope is to support macro prudential analysis and assess the strengths and weaknesses of financial systems. A detailed methodological description of the series can be found on the IMF's website where extensive FSI metadata are published for all participating countries.

Malta's FSIs are compiled using the data submitted by the core domestic banks which play a significant role in the economy.


Financial Statistics Indicators

Financial Soundness Indicators – Core Banks 2015 onwards
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Financial Soundness Indicators – Core Banks 2005 - 2014
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