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Can I call at the Bank to extend the date of a cheque (drawn on the Central Bank of Malta) which expired?

No, only the person who signed the cheque can effect such changes. If the expired cheque has been issued by a Government department, the payee should contact that department to renew its date.

Can I cash cheques at the Central Bank of Malta?

Only cheques drawn on the Central Bank of Malta itself can be cashed at the Bank.

Can I buy/sell foreign currency at the Central Bank of Malta?

No, transactions of a commercial nature by the general public must be made at a commercial bank.

Can I open an account with the Central Bank of Malta?

The Central Bank of Malta is not a commercial bank and does not offer commercial banking services, such as the opening of accounts, to the general public.

Does the Central Bank of Malta offer any other services to the general public?

The Bank exchanges Maltese lira notes which are now no longer in circulation. The time to exchange such notes into euro notes has been advertised extensively in the media. More information can be obtained from here. Coins issued by the Bank for numismatic purposes are available for sale from the Malta Coins Distribution Centre which is housed at the Bank's main premises.

Which Maltese lira banknotes can still be converted to euro?

The following Maltese banknotes of the 5th series can still be exchanged to euro at the Central Bank of Malta until 31 January 2018:

DenominationColourFeaturing on the frontFeaturing on the reverse side


Dark red

The allegorical figure of Malta on the right, the emblem of the United Nations, doves, the armorial bearings of the Central Bank of Malta and mosaic designs found in Roman remains

The Administrative buildings in the Middle Ages



The historical gate and towers in Mdina



A painting commemorating the 7 June 1919 riots



The first Prime Minister of Independent Malta displaying the Independence Document

Maltese lira coins are no longer exchangeable.

More information can be obtained from here.

What do I do if I suspect that a currency note or coin is false?

Every individual has a legal obligation to withdraw from circulation currency notes and coins believed to be false and should hand over such suspected counterfeit note or coin to the Central Bank of Malta. The Bank has the right to impose an administrative penalty on any person found to be in contravention of this legal obligation.

What should I do if I have a damaged or mutilated Euro banknote?

The Central Bank of Malta replaces damaged or mutilated genuine Euro banknotes if one presents more than half of the note or if one can prove that the missing part of the banknote has been destroyed. Intentionally mutilated or damaged banknotes are not redeemed.

Can I obtain any of the Central Bank of Malta publications directly from the Bank?

The main publications of the Bank are the Quarterly Review, the Annual Report and the Financial Stability Report. These are available on the Bank’s website. However, a hard copy can also be obtained by calling at the Bank personally (subject to availability).

Can I lodge a complaint about commercial banks or other financial service providers with the Central Bank of Malta?

Any complaints about the banking system or about financial service providers should be lodged directly with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), which regulates and supervises the banking and financial services in Malta.