Payments Data Collection

The Bank collects and analyses several statistical data in relation to payments effected by different payment instruments and systems. Such collection and analysis are vital to grasp a better understanding of the payment trends across the years so that appropriate policies are introduced and implemented. The following provides a brief description of all statistical collection and analysis carried out. 

Statistical data collection

  1. Cash Remittances Survey
  2. Quarterly Card Fraud Data
  3. Monthly Merchants Data
  4. Payments data by foreign institutions: Data is collected from institutions licenced abroad and providing services in Malta through passporting rights.
  5. MALTACLEAR: Data is provided by the Malta Stock Exchange and is available for the Bank to download through the File Transfer (FT) system.
  6. TARGET2-Malta: Monthly volumes and values of transactions processed through TARGET2-Malta are analysed on a semi-annual basis.

The Bank analyses and produces regular reports on payment data to capture trends in the payments landscape.