Complaints process in respect of payment service providers

If a Payment Service User (PSU) is dissatisfied with the financial service provided by a Payment Service Provider (PSP) licensed in Malta, the PSU may avail of the follow options:

1. Lodge a complaint with the PSP

If a PSU encounters a problem with the services provided by a PSP, the PSU should contact the relative PSP directly through the latter's complaints procedure. Information on how to submit a complaint is usually available on the PSP's website and on the terms and conditions of the financial service concerned. The PSP is obliged to submit a reply within fifteen (15) working days from receipt of the complaint.

2. Refer the complaint to the Central Bank of Malta

The PSU may also submit the complaint to the Central Bank of Malta by visiting the Contact Us page available on the Central Bank of Malta's website or by sending a written complaint by mail to:

Central Bank of Malta
Castille Place
Valletta VLT 1060

The following information should be provided in the complaint:

  • Identity and contact details of the complainant;
  • An indication of whether the complainant is a natural or legal person;
  • An indication of whether or not the complainant is a PSU;
  • Identity of the PSP involved; and
  • A brief and clear description of the situation which gave rise to the complaint.

3.  Refer the complaint to the Officer of the Arbiter for Financial Services

Should the PSU not be satisfied with the reply provided by the PSP and/or the Central Bank of Malta, a complaint may be lodged with the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services (Arbiter) which is the designated financial Alternate Dispute Resolution entity, having the power to mediate, investigate, and adjudicate complaints filed by complainants against PSPs licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Further information about the Arbiter can be obtained by calling on (+356) 80072366, (+356) 21249245 or (+356) 79219961, or by visiting the Arbiter's website.