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Career Opportunities and Training

Welcome to the Central Bank of Malta Career Opportunities and Training

The Central Bank of Malta seeks to carry out its statutory responsibilities in the public interest and is committed to performing its functions effectively, efficiently and economically to the highest level of integrity, competence and transparency. In this regard it will continue to:

  1. undertake economic and financial analysis and research;
  2. implement the ECB's monetary policy;
  3. contribute effectively to the stability of the financial system;
  4. formulate and implement a macro-prudential policy;
  5. promote and support the development and integration of financial markets;
  6. provide an adequate supply of banknotes and coin (the latter on behalf of the Government);
  7. collect, compile and publish economic and financial statistics;
  8. act as banker to the Government and the banking system;
  9. hold and actively manage financial assets;
  10. actively participate in the ESCB, the Eurosystem and other relevant European Union bodies, including their sub-structures.

To carry out these functions, the Bank periodically recruits personnel to fill the required posts.  We offer work opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines, each providing unique and exciting careers. You will work with experienced professionals and will be able to apply the skills acquired to real-life situations.