Data Protection Privacy Statement

The website of the Central Bank of Malta does not automatically retrieve, capture or store information on the person browsing the website except for logging the Internet Protocol (IP) address and other session information like the type of browser being used and the duration of the visit to the website. Any such information is used by the Bank's Internet Service Provider (ISP) for system administration purposes and to provide the Bank with statistics on the use of the website. The Bank's website does not use 'cookies' to collect personal information. The website is only using 'Cookies' to identify one user from another and provide a better user experience when navigating throughout the website.

Certain pages of the website which provide specific services may request personal data. In all cases, this personal data will only be processed for the purpose of delivering the service, in accordance with applicable local and EU legislation on data protection including the 'General Data Protection Regulation' - GDPR, Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

This Privacy Statement covers only the Central Bank of Malta website Any links within the website to other websites are not covered by this privacy statement.