Numismatic Issues

The Central Bank of Malta issued the first non-circulating, legal tender coins for numismatic purposes in November 1972. These consisted of a set of gold and silver coins that were issued in conjunction with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in Rome. The coins were struck at the Order’s mint in Rome. In subsequent years, other gold and silver coin sets were issued in conjunction with the Order, which was instrumental in setting up the Malta Mint in 1973, after which coins in precious metal started being produced in Malta.

The Malta Mint ceased operations in 1995. The last numismatic coin produced was a silver coin commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Central Bank of Malta in 1993. Subsequent numismatic coins were struck at the Royal Mint, UK, at the Royal Dutch Mint, and at the Royal Belgian Mint. 

Numismatic coins are sold from the Malta Coin Centre counter at the Bank's main premises, which is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 12.00pm. You can also buy coins from the Malta Coin Centre websiteKeep up to date with new issues by following the Malta Coin Centre on Facebook.

The Numismatics and Historical Publications Advisory Board (NHPAB) was set up in 2017 to propose themes for the Central Bank of Malta commemorative coins programme and to act as editorial board for historical publications. It took over this role from the Currency Advisory Board. The NHPAB is chaired by Governor of the Central Bank of Malta, with Chief Officer Banking Operations, Prof. John Chircop, Dr Lillian Sciberras and Dr Mario Brincat as members. Board secretary is Kevin Cassar, Curator of the Central Bank’s Museum.

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