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Learning Research and Development Study Programme

The Bank provides support to staff who may wish to pursue personal development in areas approved by the Bank. 

1.  Support for full-time study abroad at PhD level

The aim is to encourage staff to pursue doctorate studies at reputable foreign universities in areas identified by the Bank. The Bank will make available a fixed sum, which should cover tuition fees, travel, accommodation expenses and subsistence. Staff members selected under the programme will be granted leave of absence on an unpaid basis for the duration of their studies.

2.  Support for study through distance learning

The Scheme assists staff members who wish to increase their employability within and outside the Bank through distance learning or part-time participation in qualifications recognised and approved by the Bank. The Scheme consists of an interest-free loan together with a predetermined loan write-off for study programmes considered directly relevant to the Bank (classified as priority and secondary areas).

Areas considered a priority to the Bank will receive more advantageous assistance than areas which are distant from the Bank’s needs.