Annual Report

In line with the provisions of the Central Bank of Malta Act, the Bank publishes an Annual Report. This includes the Bank's certified annual accounts, a statement of its investments and a report on its operations during the previous year. The Annual Report also includes a Foreword by the Governor, an Executive Summary, an analysis of economic and financial developments in Malta and abroad and an assessment of the economic outlook. 

Annual Report 2023

Press Release AR Press Release
Full Report and Statement of Accounts Full Report
Governor's Foreword Governor's Foreword
At a Glance At a Glance

Part I - Financial and Economic Developments

  1. The External Environment and the Euro Area
  2. Monetary and Financial Developments
  3. Output and Employment
  4. Prices, costs and competitiveness
  5. Balance of Payments
  6. Government Finance
Part I - Financial and Economic Developments

Part II - Bank Policies, Operations and Activities

  1. Monetary Policy and Financial Market Operations
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Economics Analysis and Research
  4. Statistics
  5. Currency, Payment Systems and Banking Services
  6. Corporate Governance
  7. Resources Management
  8. Corporate, Environmental and Social Responsibility
  9. International Relations

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Part II - Bank Policies, Operations and Activities
Part III - Financial Statements Part III - Financial Statements

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