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The Central Bank of Malta updates Directive No. 10

The Central Bank of Malta (the 'Bank') published today an update to CBM Directive No. 10 on the authentication, fitness checking and recirculation of euro banknotes and coins. The rules and procedures provided for in this Directive aim to safeguard the integrity of euro banknotes and coins as a means of payment.

These amendments will ensure that the European Central Bank (the ‘ECB’) and the Bank can monitor the compliance by cash handlers with this Directive and to oversee the developments in the cash cycle. The following provisions are being introduced under paragraph 12, where the Bank shall be:

  • provided with data pertaining to Automated Teller Machines (the 'ATM') transactions:
    • the location of each ATM;
    • the value withdrawn per ATM;
    • the volume withdrawn per ATM; and
    • the number of transactions carried out per ATM.
  • provided with the type of banknote authentication machines and coin processing machines in use for checking euro banknotes and coins authenticity and their current software version.

The amendments will come into force as of 29 April 2022.

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