The implementation of the ECB’s AnaCredit Regulation in Malta

The ANACREDIT project is an obligation which stems from the European Central Bank's Regulation (EU) 2016/13 of May 2016 which specifies the framework for the collection of credit and credit risk data from credit institutions in line with the requirements as laid out in the Regulation. The first reporting of counterparty reference data to the Central Bank of Malta (the 'Bank') should commence as from end-February 2018 (reference data of January 2018), while the reporting of the credit data to the Bank is expected to commence as from October 2018 (reference data September 2018). The Bank's AnaCredit dataset will contain granular information on loans and other exposures granted to legal entities subject to a threshold of €25,000 per borrower. The Regulation splits the reporting data into two templates: Template 1 comprises five tables, namely, (a) Counterparty reference data, (b) Instrument data, (c) Financial data, (d) Counterparty-instrument data, and (e) Joint liabilities data. Template 2 comprises: (a) Accounting data, (b) Protection received data, (c) Instrument-protection received data, (d) Counterparty risk data, and (e) Counterparty default data. For more information kindly visit the links below:

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