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Economic analysis and research

The Bank conducts economic analysis and research to support the Governor's participation in the Governing Council of the ECB. The Central Bank of Malta publishes its analysis in two main publications, namely, the Quarterly Review and the Annual Report. The Quarterly Review contains commentaries on economic and financial developments in Malta and abroad, occasional articles on economic and monetary matters, and economic and financial statistics. The Review also reproduces certain public statements by the Governor. On the other hand, the Annual Report gives an account of the Bank's operations during the previous year and presents its annual financial statements. It also contains an analysis of domestic and international economic and financial developments during the previous year.

In addition, the Bank issues a monthly Economic Update.

The Central Bank of Malta prepares projections of the main macroeconomic variables for the Maltese economy by means of its econometric model and other tools. These projections are also used in the forecasting exercises carried out by the Eurosystem. The Bank's projections are published in the Annual Report and can also be retrieved from the Bank's website.