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Scam Alert

Hoax phone calls are being made from different numbers, via mobile phone, WhatsApp and Viber, which appear to be from the Central Bank of Malta. These calls are made with malicious intents. The Central Bank of Malta advises that it never contacts the public by phone or social media. Moreover the use of its image and name are totally unauthorised.

Domain centralbakofmalta[.]org - without the 'n' in bank - is being used  to impersonate the Central Bank of Malta in scams. The domain has been reported to the various authorities but the Central Bank of Malta would like to alert the public to its existence. Anyone receiving emails should carefully check the email address from which it originated and should contact the Bank on [email protected] if in any doubt. Kindly note that the Bank DOES NOT send unsolicited emails.

The Central Bank of Malta is not a commercial bank and does not offer commercial banking services, such as the opening of accounts, to the general public.

Viber Scam Alert