The Victor Pasmore Gallery

The Central Bank of Malta and the Victor Pasmore Foundation have embarked on setting up The Victor Pasmore Gallery, a permanent exhibition of the works of Victor Pasmore as a collaborative project housed within the historic walls of Valletta.

The Victor Pasmore Foundation was set up in 2012 to conserve and promote the art of Victor Pasmore as a significant testimony to twentieth-century art and as an important element in Malta's artistic patrimony. The Foundation also works to further study and research the artist, his life and his work.

The Central Bank of Malta holds four works by Victor Pasmore in its collection. As the principal corporate patron of Victor Pasmore's works in Malta, the Central Bank of Malta is proud to host The Gallery within its historic premises at the Polverista Gallery and to present the life and works of Pasmore to the public.

The Victor Pasmore Gallery displays paintings and sculptures that Victor Pasmore created during his time in Malta, in conjunction with a small number of works created a few years earlier. The works of art on display, which the artist had kept, were found in his country house in Gudja (Malta) and his London home. Occasionally some would surface in exhibitions, yet this is the first gallery dedicated to presenting a changing selection of the artist's personal collection, giving a unique view of the art that Victor Pasmore studied over a long stretch of time. 

The exhibition permits a better understanding of Victor Pasmore through a selection of paintings and constructions that reflect the artist's dedication to abstract art over the years.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Programme of lectures at Victor Pasmore Gallery

For further information kindly contact us by e-mail or call (+356) 2550 3360. 

You may access the Victor Pasmore Gallery Facebook page here, or follow the activities of the gallery on Instagram.

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