About Us


The Central Bank of Malta acquires all goods, services & works (whether purchased, leased, or rented) through its procurement process. The Bank strives to achieve value for money and efficiency combined with accountability in all its purchases. This policy applies to all procurement activities at the Bank to ensure that goods and services are obtained in a fair, consistent and transparent manner within a competitive environment in line with national and/or European Union public procurement legislation. The overall goal of the Bank's Procurement Unit is to obtain quality products and services in a timely manner under the most economically advantageous terms and conditions while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The Central Bank of Malta publishes details of its tender competitions on the national e-PPS website, which was set up to ensure best procurement practice for public contracting authorities. Among other features this portal provides facilities for supplier registration, the notification of calls for tender, the preparation and submission of tender documentation, online tender evaluation and contract awarding.

Details relating to tenders issued by the Central Bank of Malta can be accessed through this link.