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Foundation sponsors medical history books

The Central Bank of Malta Foundation has sponsored 140 copies of the recently published book entitled “A Brief Illustrated History of Medicine” by retired surgeon/urologist, Prof. Carmel Lino Cutajar, which will be presented to newly-graduating doctors.

In this book, innovatively illustrated with colour images from his extensive medical philately collection, Prof. Cutajar traces the history of medicine from ancient times to this century, reflecting on the major events which often threatened human health while highlighting the enormous advances that have been made over the centuries in the management of various diseases. He pays tribute to the medical pioneers who were responsible for discovering life-saving treatments throughout the ages.

The Foundation approached the Malta Medical Students Association, proposing to sponsor copies of the book which would be presented to medical students who strived to successfully complete their studies during such a difficult year as 2020.

Prof. Cutajar is a member of the history committee of the European Society of Surgery. In 2014, he had published his autobiography “In at the Deep End” which covered his five decades as a surgeon in England, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi before he returned to Malta to launch the department of urology and endoscopy, and was subsequently appointed Director and Head Department of Surgery.

A Brief Illustrated History of Medicine

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