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Central Bank of Malta organises staff training jointly with EIOPA

The Central Bank of Malta in conjunction with the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) organised a two-day training event for staff members working in areas related to financial stability.

Professor Petr Jakubik who leads EIOPA's Financial Stability Team facilitated this programme and provided an overview of the latest theoretical and practical concepts of macroprudential oversight. He provided references to the current tools used for assessing risks on banks' and insurers' balance sheets. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss topical issues of a macroprudential nature relevant for the domestic financial system.

Mr Oliver Bonello, Deputy Governor on Financial Stability, addressed the opening session of this two-day course, noting the importance of keeping abreast with macroprudential developments.

The Governor, Prof. Edward Scicluna, addressed the closing of the programme thanking Prof. Jakubik for his services to the Bank in the area of financial stability. He referred to the development of macroprudential institutions, both at the European and national levels. He said that the Bank has found from experience that investment in training for its staff gives back a very high return. 

Central Bank of Malta organises Staff Training Jointly with EIOPA

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