News - Web Releases 2020

13/03/2020 15:10:00

Governor's message to the public

The rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is a major shock to the world, both from a human and economic perspective. The Central Bank of Malta is doing its part to mitigate the impact of such a shock, in line with the ongoing decisions being taken by the Government and the health authorities.

Our first responsibility is to our own staff and apart from restricting overseas travel as early as 26 February and stopping it altogether by 3 March, meetings have also been reduced to a minimum and teleconferencing is being used whenever possible.

Strict hygiene measures are in place, but we have also taken the precaution of closing the Victor Pasmore Gallery, the coin museum and the coin shop until further notice, although purchases of numismatic coins may still be made online. We of course regret any inconvenience but believe that this was necessary in the current circumstances.

Persons requiring a report from the Central Credit Register would be able to request one through the normal channels and receive it via registered mail or by email.

Library services are still being offered but visitors are being asked to make an appointment and to sign a declaration that they comply with the current restrictions with regards to travel and quarantine – as are any other visitors and suppliers to the Bank.

The Bank also has an important official role to play in the infrastructure of the island and as such has always paid considerable attention to putting business continuity measures into place. A number of contingency arrangements are in place and new ones are being introduced to ensure that our essential services will continue to be offered seamlessly.

We applaud the work being done by the health authorities and appeal to the public to heed their advice in these challenging times.

Mario Vella
Governor – Central Bank of Malta