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01/02/2019 17:00:00

Reference to Central Bank employees in the media

The Central Bank of Malta strongly rejects and condemns any attempt, from within and outside the Bank, to cause political division and discord among the Bank's staff.

The recent attempt to portray the Annual Christmas party organised by the Bank's Social Club as a political party activity complete with political chants was a despicable attempt to suggest that the Central Bank is run on politically partisan lines.

The video clip purporting to show Bank employees dancing and singing political chants was publicly shown to be fabricated, merging scenes from a 2013 YouTube video of a Spanish disco in Barcelona with sound from the counting hall during the last general election. This was later admitted unapologetically by the person commenting about the clip aired on the NET TV programme Sorsi Infurmati

The same person also published a still photograph of two Bank employees lifting a third Bank employee on the same TV programme, as alleged proof that Bank employees were dancing to and singing political chants. The three employees concerned have taken sworn affidavits that at no point during the Annual Christmas party of the Bank did they sing or dance to political chants.  

The actions portrayed in the still photograph during a friendly and festive social event do not constitute a breach of the Bank's Code of Conduct, and in the absence of hard evidence to the contrary of the sworn declarations of these staff members, the Bank considers this issue closed.

The Bank also strongly denies allegations of political discrimination made by the same person both on the said TV programme and his various articles published in il-Mument.

The Bank would like to reassure the public that it always takes appropriate action whenever it has hard evidence of breaches in its Code of Conduct. 

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