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Central Bank of Malta Coin Programme 2019

On 18 January 2019 the Central Bank of Malta launched its Numismatic Coin Programme for the year. The programme caters for a wide range of collectors, with products ranging from a limited edition high-value gold coin to commemorative €2 coins. The 2019 coin programme includes the following products:

  • A gold and silver numismatic coin issue under the Europa Star Programme with the theme 'Renaissance'. These coins will feature the Gran Carracca of the Order of St John. This was a massive warship which not only represented the last word in naval design at the time, but also heralded the advent of the Order of St John to Malta in 1530. Under many aspects this historical milestone could be said to have brought medieval Malta into closer contact with the European Renaissance. The coins are expected to be issued in March 2019.
  • A euro coin set dated 2019 consisting of the eight Maltese euro circulation coins together with a €2 commemorative coin, featuring the Ta' Ħaġrat temples, which are located in Mġarr. This set is expected to be issued in May 2019.
  • A gold and silver numismatic coin commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the 'Sette Giugno' riots in 1919. This event, which cost the life of at least four, unfolded within the context of an acute economic and social crisis. It is considered as a major milestone in Malta's colonial political history. The gold coin will be a special edition coin limited to only 100 pieces. Both coins are expected to be issued in June 2019.
  • A €2 commemorative coin featuring the Ta' Ħaġrat temples. This will be the fourth in a series of seven coins featuring Maltese prehistoric structures that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The coin will be issued in rolls, containing 25 coins each, as well as individually in coin cards. This coin issue is expected to be made available in July 2019.
  • A €2 commemorative coin with the theme 'Nature and Environment', featuring the winning design of a competition held for secondary school students. The coin will be issued in rolls of 25 coins each as well as individually in coin cards. This coin is expected to be issued in October 2019.
  • A silver numismatic coin, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Suez Canal. The Canal was inaugurated in 1869 and placed Malta on the imperial highway from Britain to India and beyond. In the age of the steam-driven ship, Malta became an important coaling station for ships operating to and from the Suez. This coin is expected to be issued in November 2019.

More information may be obtained from the Malta Coin Centre, which may be contacted by email, or by phone on +356 2550 6006/7. A digital version of the coin programme is also available on the Central Bank of Malta's website.

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