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Issue of Melita bullion coins 2018

On 30 November 2018 the Central Bank of Malta, in collaboration with Lombard Bank plc, will be issuing three gold bullion coins. The coins, which are legal tender in Malta, will be issued in three different weights and denominations. The largest has a face value of €100 and weighs one troy ounce (31.10g). The half-ounce coin (15.55g) will have a face value of €50 and the quarter-ounce coin (7.77g) will have a face value of €25.

The coins feature the figure of Melita on the reverse and the emblem of Malta on the obverse. They are struck in 0.999 gold (24 carats) by PAMP S.A. Mint in Switzerland and rank among the purest official bullion coins available worldwide.

The figure of Melita featured on the coins is inspired by that created by the artist Edward Caruana Dingli for a set of postage stamps, which were issued shortly after Malta attained self-government in 1921. Melita is an allegorical female figure, representing Malta, shown wearing a classical helmet and armour and holding a rudder - an allusion to the fact that in 1921, with the new self-government constitution, Malta was perceived as taking control of her destiny.

The coins will be minted according to demand. Thus the total number of pieces struck may vary from year to year. Nevertheless, with the exception of the year of issue shown on the coin obverse, the design is intended to remain the same each year.

The coins are certified and housed individually in a sealed card. Each coin will have a unique profile that can be verified using PAMP's innovative VERISCAN bullion security system. Scanning, using a smartphone app, will authenticate the coin.

Coins may be purchased from the Malta Coin Centre (MCC) e-shop and the MaltaPost website. Since the coins are classed as investment gold, their price will be based on the price of the metal content on the international markets, thus prices will be quoted at the point of sale. The coins are also exempt from VAT.

For further information, the public is kindly requested to contact the Malta Coin Centre via email or by calling (+356) 2550 6006/7/8 or by contacting MaltaPost.

Issue of Melita bullion coins 2018

Issue of Melita bullion coins 2018

Issue of Melita bullion coins 2018

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