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Public Lecture: The Road to Women’s Suffrage and Beyond

To celebrate the 70th year since Maltese women won the right to vote, the Central Bank of Malta hosted a public lecture this evening by Dr Carmen Sammut, entitled "The Road to Women's Suffrage and Beyond: Women's Enfranchisement and the Nation-Building Project in Malta."

Dr Sammut spoke about the difficult struggle that led to this achievement, a struggle that began early in the twentieth century. She emphasised that although universal suffrage (albeit only for persons over the age of 21, as opposed to the demand for the vote for all over the age of 18 by the more progressive elements of the National Assembly) was provided for in the 1947 Constitution, the road to effective gender equality continues.

The public lecture was preceded by an introduction by Dr Pauline Lanzon, Senior Legal Counsel of the Central Bank of Malta, outlining the constitutional and legislative context of the 1947 breakthrough and its consequences.

Mr Jesmond Gatt, Chief Officer Banking Operations, presented the Bank's new €10 silver coin, celebrating the 70th year since the 1947 Constitution, which constitution introduced the vote for Maltese women. He also spoke about the Bank's tradition of commemorative coins.

Central Bank of Malta Governor Dr Mario Vella concluded the evening with a brief intervention emphasising that commemoration and celebration were not enough. He argued that much more needs to be done to ensure women's effective equality, including at the Central Bank of Malta itself.  

A string quartet of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra provided musical interludes by Veronique Vella, Arcangelo Corelli, Antonio Vivaldi and George Frideric Händel.

The Central Bank of Malta has published the study by Dr Carmen Sammut. Those interested in obtaining a copy of this free publication can do so by contacting the Communications and International Relations Department of the Central Bank of Malta via email.  

Public Lecture

Public Lecture

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