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Signing of the Collective Agreement between the Central Bank of Malta and the Union Ħaddiema Bank Ċentrali

The Central Bank of Malta and the Union Ħaddiema Bank Ċentrali (UHBC), representing the Bank's clerical and executive employees, have today signed a collective agreement covering the period 2016 to 2019.

The agreement aims to improve the balance between the continuing need for higher productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and quality to meet today's central banking requirements in line with European and global standards, and improved conditions for the bank's employees.

The agreement also allows for new ways of rewarding effort and excellence.  Further improvements have been introduced in employee resourcing and performance measurement systems, as well as improved family friendly measures to allow a better balance between work and the employee's private sphere.

In a brief address the Governor of the Central Bank of Malta and the UHBC President acknowledged that negotiations took long to conclude, but that in the end the agreement addressed and settled important issues for both the Bank and the Union.

Collective agreement 2017

collective agreement 2017

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