About Us

Financial Literacy

The Central Bank of Malta offers a range of resources to build the public’s awareness and promote a better understanding of its role, functions and objectives at a national level and at a European level as part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). We also have a range of informative presentations aimed at improving financial literacy.

Visits to the Central Bank of Malta

The Central Bank of Malta also welcomes information/educational visits throughout the year. These sessions are hosted on the Bank’s premises. During the educational visit, students are given an overview of the role and functions of the Central Bank of Malta and its interaction with the Eurosystem. This is followed by a short presentation on security features of the euro banknotes and coins.

These sessions are offered mainly to secondary and tertiary school students who are following economics / business studies. The session is open to groups of a maximum of 30 students and presentations last approximately one hour.

To organise a visit, please contact us via our Contact Us Form. While every effort is made to accommodate requests, we regret this is not always possible.

Outreach programme

The Bank is very active when it comes to the promotion of financial education among professional cash handlers working in financial institutions, retailers and casinos, and offers both training and certification.

With the collaboration of the Ministry for Education and Employment, the Central Bank offers also information sessions on euro currency to State, Church and Independent schools, giving students the opportunity to appreciate the work that goes into the provision of our currency and be able to check their euro banknotes and coins to ensure that the currency they get is both fit and genuine.

The Bank also participates in Notte Bianca, using the cultural event as a way to reach out to the public about its activities, with employees on hand to explain how to recognise counterfeit notes and coins.

Other Educational Initiatives

John Earland Prize Fund

In 2005, the Central Bank of Malta established the John Earland Prize Fund. John Earland, a former Governor of the Bank, donated the sum of US$10,000 to establish a fund to finance the award of an annual prize for the best academic result or essay related to any of the functions performed by the Central Bank of Malta. The purpose of the award is to enhance awareness of issues relating to the Central Bank of Malta and to encourage the upgrading of skills and knowledge in this area. Regulations can be downloaded here.