29 September 2022

Financial Stability Report 2021 - Resilience in Uncertain Times

Event is by invitation.

The Central Bank of Malta’s Financial Stability Report (FSR) is the Bank’s Flagship report on Malta’s financial stability. This launch is a first of its kind and will be focusing on the Bank’s recently published 14th Financial Stability Report which addresses developments in 2021 relevant for domestic financial stability, covering the activities of banks, as well as domestically-relevant insurances and investment funds. The key takeaways from this edition of the Report will be presented during this launch. Furthermore, the launch will focus on two particular themes featured in the FSR. One relates to the developments in financial stability cyclical risks in Malta. The focus on such risks is currently very topical across Europe. The other theme features a first attempt at incorporating climate risk in the adverse scenario for the macro stress testing framework. The main aim is to gauge the level of preparedness of banks and assess their resilience to climate-related events.

Financial Stability Report - Resilience in Uncertain Times

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