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Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register is a database which contains non-anonymous exposure-by-exposure information of debtors, both legal and natural persons, provided by resident credit institutions (banks) licensed by the MFSA. These persons can be resident or non-resident financial or non-financial private and public companies (except credit institutions); households; sole traders/proprietors; and non-profit organisations, with exposures of over €5,000. Banks have an obligation to provide information on existing customers as per Central Bank of Malta Directive no. 14 and every bank shall report to the Central Bank of Malta the end-of-month balances of exposures exceeding €5,000 of each customer by the twentieth calendar day of the month following the reference month to which they relate.

To have access to their extract from the Central Credit Register, natural or (lawful representatives of) legal persons may send an email to the Central Bank of Malta. The request may also be transmitted to the Central Bank of Malta by post or delivered in person. The Central Bank of Malta acknowledges receipt in writing for an extract from the Central Credit Register within the following working day. If an acknowledgment is not received kindly contact the Central Bank of Malta by calling on (+356) 25504414.  

Apart from providing the name, surname, date of birth, place of permanent residence (or another delivery address) and relevant certificates of incorporation in case of legal person, the following details need to be submitted:

(a)   For natural persons (one of the following needs to be submitted): ID-card number, foreign ID-card number, passport number, social security number and tax number

(b)   For legal persons (one of the following needs to be submitted): MFSA/foreign company number and/or Malta-assigned VAT Number

(c)    In case of lawful representatives enquiring on both legal and natural persons, in addition the details in (a) and (b), the following need to be provided: Signed power of attorney (or board resolution as the case may be) showing clearly the identity of the lawful representative; signatures should be attested (witnessed) by a lawyer or notary and bears the stamp of the lawyer/notary.

When the extract is ready for collection - (sample credit report), a Central Bank of Malta official will provide an appointment to the applicant to personally collect the information from the Central Bank of Malta upon presentation of the relevant personal identification. Natural persons can have an extract of the information concerning themselves free of charge, while legal persons are charged €25 for each extract to be paid either in cash or cheque payable to the ‘CCR cost recovery account’. The power of attorney is to be sent two working days prior to the meeting and should be presented again by the lawful representative on the appointment date. 

For more information kindly contact the Central Bank of Malta by either sending an email or by calling on 25504414.

Disclaimer:  In line with the Central Bank of Malta Act Article 24, the information found in the Central Credit Register shall only be used for the following purposes: (a) centralisation of information on credit exposures; (b) analysis of the stability of the financial system; (c) implementation of monetary policy; (d) compilation of statistics; and (e) facilitating the assessment of credit risk. Hence such information shall not be used for any other purpose such as for recruitment and employment purposes.