€2 Commemorative - Solidarity through Love


€2 Commemorative Coin - Solidarity through Love

€2 Commemorative - Solidarity through Love

€2 Commemorative coin card - Solidarity through Love

The Central Bank of Malta will issue a €2 commemorative coin under a new programme entitled 'From Children in Solidarity', with the first theme being 'Solidarity through Love'. This is an initiative between the Central Bank of Malta, the Ministry for Education and Employment, and the Malta Community Chest Fund. The Malta Community Chest Fund is a charitable foundation under the auspices of The President of Malta. It promotes various activities and initiatives that are undertaken with the aim of helping individuals with various needs. 

Officially launched on 5 June 2015 by the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and the Governor of the Central Bank of Malta, this social responsibility coin programme involved a coin design competition open to all secondary school students. From the designs submitted, five were selected by an adjudicating panel. The winning design was subsequently selected through a voting process which was open to all secondary school students. Schools encouraged students to take part in this voting exercise as this was seen as a way of promoting a sense of responsible citizenship from an early age.

The coin reverse shows the common €2 side while the obverse (national side) shows two hands forming a heart shape, framing a representation of the Maltese flag. The coin obverse engraved by Noel Galea Bason bears a representation of the winning design created by Ms Sarah Cilia, a secondary school student. 



Diameter (mm)

Gross Weight (g)










Noel Galea Bason

Monnaie de Paris


Coin card €2 25.75 8.5 n/a Noel Galea Bason Monnaie de Paris 30,000