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Collecting, compiling, disseminating and publishing statistics

The Central Bank of Malta collects and compiles a wide variety of monetary, financial and other macroeconomic statistics in accordance with European and other international standards. The Bank is empowered to carry out these functions by virtue of article 23 of the Central Bank of Malta Act (Cap. 204), as amended. Moreover, article 5 of the Statute of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and of the European Central Bank (ECB) confers upon the ECB the competence to collect, with the assistance of the national central banks, the statistical information necessary to perform the tasks of the ESCB, either from the competent national authorities or directly from economic agents. These statistics are essential for policy making, for the Bank to fulfil its national and international statistical obligations, and for economic analysis and research within the Bank and in the Eurosystem. Aggregated or consolidated statistics are released through the Bank's regular publications, its website, the publications of the ECB and other international organisations.