75th Anniversary of World War II


75th Anniversary of World War II

75th Anniversary of World War II

World War II broke out on 1 September 1939 following the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. Malta, which formed part of the British Empire, remained relatively unaffected until Italy declared war on Britain on 10 June 1940. Malta suffered the first air-raid the following day. This was the start of a three-year ordeal during which Malta endured more than 3,000 air-raid alerts in the course of which some 16,000 tons of bombs were dropped on the islands. Malta was incessantly bombed, isolated and almost starved into submission. Nevertheless, the people and defenders of Malta prevailed in the face of adversity, death, loss and privation.

The coins, which have a face value of €10, are limited to 2,000 pieces and were minted by the Royal Dutch Mint. Each coin is struck in 0.925 silver, has a weight of 28.28g, a diameter of 38.61mm and is finished to proof quality. 

The obverse of the coins features the coat of arms of Malta, while the reverse depicts three Gloster Gladiator bi-planes in flight over the Maltese islands. The artist – Noel Galea Bason – chose these legendary aircrafts, dubbed Faith, Hope and Charity, as they epitomise Malta’s unequal fight against the might of the Axis forces, and remain one of the enduring symbols of Malta’s wartime experience.



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Noel Galea Bason

Royal Dutch Mint