Distinguished Maltese personalities series - Enrico Mizzi (1885-1950)


 Distinguished Maltese personalities series

Enrico Mizzi (1885-1950)

Enrico Mizzi

In 2001, the Central Bank of Malta issued a silver proof coin in the Distinguished Maltese Personalities Series. This coin commemorates Enrico Mizzi, who lived between 1885 and 1950. The emblem of Malta and the year of issue 2001 appear on the obverse of the coin.  The reverse shows a likeness of Enrico Mizzi, the dates of his birth and death (1885-1950) and the words Enrico Mizzi - Prim Ministru 1950 (Enrico Mizzi - Prime Minister 1950).

Born on 20 September 1885 Enrico Mizzi was the son of another politician and patriot, Fortunato Mizzi. Nurtured in a political environment from an early age and having obtained a degree in law in 1912, he devoted himself to politics and in 1915 was elected, as a candidate for Gozo, to the Council of Government.

Throughout his life Enrico Mizzi was actively involved in advocating a national Maltese identity. His outspokenness and sincerity in the cause of nationalism, though never disloyal, conflicted with British interests and in 1917, during the First World War; he was court-martialled under wartime defence regulations.

From 1919 to 1932 he worked tirelessly to further the nationalist movement. When Malta was granted self-government in 1921, Mizzi formed the "Partito Democratico Nazionalista" and was elected to the Legislative Assembly. In 1924 he became Minister of Agriculture and Posts and in 1932 was appointed Minister of Industry and Commerce and subsequently Minister of Education. His patriotic beliefs were once again to cause some concern to the British Government during the Second World War and in 1942 he was interned and deported to Uganda, where he remained for the duration of the war. As a result Enrico Mizzi was unable to take his seat in the then Council of Government.

On his return from exile, and with self-government having been restored in 1947, Enrico Mizzi wholeheartedly fought to regain his political status. His humble sense of dedication, his honesty and his political integrity were finally acknowledged in September 1950 by his election to the high office of Prime Minister, a post he was to hold for just three short months until his death in December that same year.



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