Reports and Articles

Estimates of industry specific multipliers 10 May 2017
HFCS: A comparison of the main results for Malta, the euro area and other participating countries  10 May 2017
MEDSEA: A small open economy DSGE model for Malta 10 May 2017
Sectoral financial linkages using Malta's Financial Accounts  11 April 2017
Revisiting the contribution of exports to Malta's recent economic growth  11 April 2017
Determining the underlying causes behind the recent shift in Malta's current account position 11 April 2017
An assessment of the Maltese housing market 11 April 2017
The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union - Its short-to-medium term impact on the Maltese economy 23 March 2017
The process of economic convergence in Malta and in the European Union 9 March 2017
WP/02/2017 - Household Finance and Consumption Survey in Malta: The results from the second wave 9 March 2017
WP/01/2017 - Assessing structural change in the Maltese economy via the application of a hypothetical extraction analysis  27 February 2017
The Household Finance and Consumption Survey 2013 - Salient results for Malta 23 January 2017
A real-time measure of business conditions in Malta 23 January 2017
Macroeconomic and fiscal projections at the Central Bank of Malta 23 January 2017
Residential property price misalignment with fundamentals 23 January 2017

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