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Presentation of ‘EuroPride’ coin

The Governor of the Central Bank of Malta Professor Edward Scicluna yesterday presented a commemorative coin to the Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, the Hon. Rebecca Buttigieg.

To celebrate the significant occasion of Malta's hosting of the EuroPride event, the Central Bank of Malta commissioned a unique commemorative coin, minted by the Royal Dutch Mint and of which only 2,000 coins were issued. The EuroPride coin has a face value of €10. It is struck in 0.925 silver, has a weight of 28.28g, a diameter of 38.61mm and is finished to proof quality.

The obverse features the letters of the word 'PRIDE' in rainbow colours. The elements on these letters also re-appear in the logo of EuroPride Valletta 2023. The reverse of the coin has the logo of the Central Bank of Malta and the year 2023.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Bert van Ravenswaaij and Ms. Danielle Ranzijn from the Royal Dutch Mint presented the coin to Mr. Benoit Waelkens, Chief Officer Banking Operations.

Europride coin

EuroPride Coin

Europride Coin

Photos: Veronica Sant



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