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Supervision of Credit Reference Agencies

By virtue of article 24A of the Central Bank of Malta Act, Chapter 204 of the Laws of Malta, the Central Bank of Malta (CBM) issued a new Directive No. 15 on 'Supervision of Credit Reference Agencies'. Directive No. 15 lays down the rules concerning the supervision of credit reference agencies licensed under the Trading Licences Regulations (S.L 441.07) for the issuance of credit scores.

Concurrently, amendments were also effected to Directive No. 14 on 'Central Credit Register', which now include a number of obligations on such credit reference agencies in relation to their access to Central Credit Register information.

The newly issued Directive No. 15 and the amendments effected to Directive No. 14 shall be applicable as from 22 December 2020.

The above-mentioned Directives can be retrieved through the following link.   

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