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Free banknote authenticity training for retailers

The Central Bank of Malta is launching a training scheme for retailers to build up and enhance cash handlers’ skills in checking the authenticity of banknotes at the point of sale.

The training is being offered for free and can be offered on site or online. The training has been designed in such a way that retailers can opt to train all cash handlers or else only one member of staff who will subsequently be able to act as a trainer for the rest.

Upon completing the necessary training, retailers will be given a sticker by the Bank which they can display as a form of certification, which will be valid for a two-year period. As part of the scheme, the Bank can also provide the latest counterfeit calibrating equipment to ensure that retailers’ machines and devices are capable of detecting all known current counterfeit banknotes.

By participating in this scheme, retailers will reduce their risk of financial losses and the reputational risks resulting from the inadvertent acceptance of counterfeit notes, and at the same time will support society by helping to prevent the spread of counterfeit banknotes and the crime associated with them.

For further information on this scheme, retailers can contact the Central Bank of Malta on (+356) 2550 6010/1 or by email.

Banknote authenticity training

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