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Notice to the public regarding a phishing attempt

A phishing attempt has been identified which has mimicked emails, making them appear to have originated from the Central Bank of Malta, asking for payment of pending invoices.

The Central Bank of Malta stresses that it does not issue payment requests of any kind on behalf of government entities or government departments, and it certainly does not request settlement of obligations of any of its clients through any form of email communication.

If you have received any communication which appears to have originated from our email service requesting the transfer of money, or deposits to any accounts, you are kindly requested to:

  • Immediately inform the Bank by sending an email.
  • Not to reply to such e-mails.

This is a sophisticated phishing fraud having the sole purpose of enticing individuals to transfer money to criminals. 

The Central Bank of Malta therefore advises recipients of any such messages to treat them as malicious.

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