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Central Bank of Malta Foundation Board of Administrators member established as full professor

Professor Yosanne Vella BEd (Hons), MA (Lond), MPhil (Lond), PhD (UWE Bristol), a member of the Central Bank of Malta Foundation’s Board of Administrators, has been established as full professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, specialising in history pedagogy. 

A history teacher trainer, with a special interest in women’s history – particularly 18th century Maltese women – Prof. Vella was vice-chair of the Education and Culture Committee of NGOs at the Council of Europe up to 2014, is one of the editors of the online textbook Historiana published by Euroclio, the European History Educators’ Network, and a Euroclio ambassador.  She is on the editorial board of a number of journals including the International History Journal of The History Educators’ International Research Network (Heirnet).

Yosanne Vella

She has published various books, textbooks, papers and teaching resources on history education, as well as a number of history papers on Maltese history and historiography. She was the Vice-President of the Malta History Society and is the President of the Maltese History Teachers’ Association.

Selected publications since 2015

Vella, Yosanne (2015) ‘History in Malta’s New National Curriculum Framework’ in Hilary Cooper and Jon Nichol (eds) Identity, Trauma, Sensitive and Controversial Issues in the Teaching of History Cambridge Scholars Publishing p.222-239

Vella, Yosanne (2015) ‘The problem with teaching history as part of an integrated or interdisciplinary cross-curricular pedagogical approach’ International Journal of Historical Learning Teaching and Research, University of Exeter Vol 13.1

Vella, Yosanne (2016) Teaching History in the Secondary School – approaches, multiculturalism and writing History Teachers’ Association Publication

Cassar, George and Vella, Yosanne (Editors) (2016) History teaching & research: bridging the theory/practice divide. Vol 3 Faculty of Education, University of Malta and History Teachers’ Association Publication.

Vella, Yosanne (2017) “The search for Maltese troublemakers and criminals in Australia” Provenance Journal Public Records Office Victoria, Victoria Archives Centre, Melbourne March 2017 Issue 15

Vella, Yosanne (2017) Women in 18th Century Malta SKS Publication

Vella Yosanne (2018) Exploring how history works by taking the case of St. Paul’s Shipwreck 60 A.C.E. H.T.A. Publication

Vella, Yosanne (2019) ‘What is the best pedagogy to use when teaching the Great Siege in Maltese History Textbooks? Some examples of good practice’ in History Week 2015 Issue, Malta Historical Society History Week Publication

Vella, Yosanne (2019) Ninvestigaw l-Istorja ta’ Malta Year 7 H.T.A. Publication

Vella, Yosanne (2019) Ninvestigaw l-Istorja ta’ Malta Year 8 H.T.A. Publication

Vella, Yosanne (2019) ‘Strategies to learn about multiculturalism and diversity through Maltese History’ in Bezzina, C and Caruana, S. (eds) Teacher Education Matters: transforming lives…transforming schools University of Malta, Faculty of Education publication.

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