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Issue of Numismatic Coins commemorating the Bush-Gorbachev Malta Summit

On 16 March 2015 the Central Bank of Malta will issue numismatic coins in gold and silver commemorating the meeting held in Malta in December 1989 between the US President George H. W. Bush and the leader of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. The coins are issued under the Europa Programme with the theme 'the Fall of the Iron Curtain' and bear the Europa Star logo.

The gold coin which has a face value of €50, is of 0.916 finesse, has a weight of 6.5g and a diameter of 21mm. The minting limit of this coin is 1,500 pieces. The silver version has a face value of €10. It is of 0.925 finesse, has a weight of 28.28g and a diameter of 38.61mm. The minting limit for this coin is 5,000 pieces. Both coins are struck to proof quality. The selling price of the gold coin is €320 while that of the silver coin is €60.

The coins were designed and engraved by Noel Galea Bason, and were minted at the Royal Dutch Mint. The reverse of the coin features the U.S. President and the Soviet Leader shaking hands, symbolising the new spirit of friendship and cooperation between the two superpowers. The Malta Summit effectively signalled the end of the Cold War and later brought about the fall of the Iron Curtain. The obverse of the coins shows the coat of arms of Malta.

The coins may be purchased from the Malta Coins Distribution Centre at the main building of the Central Bank of Malta in Valletta, from 16 March 2015, or by completing the order form which can be downloaded from the Bank's website.

For more information the public is kindly requested to contact the Bank's Malta Coins Distribution Centre by email or by calling (+356) 2550 6006/7/8.

Bush-Gorbachev Malta Summit silver coin                            Bush-Gorbachev Malta Summit gold coin

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