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National Educational Programme for the Public Sector “Know Your Banknotes”

Public sector employees attend cash handling training sessions

More than 300 employees employed within the public sector who handle cash as part of their daily duties, have attended cash handling training sessions in both Malta and Gozo.

The training, which was held during 12 separate sessions, including 3 in Gozo, was organized by the Central Bank of Malta in collaboration with the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) and the support of the Ministry for Finance.

The sessions entail detailed training to enable cash handlers interpret the various security banknote features at a glance without the use of banknote authentication devices.

During a ceremony, which was held at the Emigrants' Commission in Valletta, on the 27 October 2015, employees from the public sector were presented with Certificates of Attendance by Mr Paul Muscat, Director Financial Services, Central Bank of Malta and Mr Harold Bonnici, Director General Financial Policy and Management.

National Educational Programme for the Public Sector “Know Your Banknotes” 

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