Rules & Procedures

Rules and procedures regarding the use of the Library facilities

  • Individuals who are not Central Bank of Malta employees may make use of the Library facilities as follows:

    A borrowing permit is issued to:

    (a)   registered students residing in Malta and reading for a first degree or pursuing postgraduate studies in economics, banking and finance at an approved university or other institution of higher education;
    (b)   persons engaged in study or research related to economics, banking and finance.
  • Applications for a borrowing permit shall be made on the prescribed form available from the Library. Persons granted a permit shall sign a declaration which binds them to observe the Library Rules.
  • Members of the general public who do not satisfy the above criteria may only consult the Library’s material on site.
  • Borrowers have to register their name and address in the Library register, which is an electronically based system.
  • The borrowing period is three weeks, but the Library official may set a shorter borrowing period if the publications borrowed are in persistent demand by other users.
  • Reference publications and periodicals may not be withdrawn from the Library premises.
  • Photocopying from publications for private use is permitted, as long as this is in accordance with copyright legislation. A specific charge per sheet photocopied is levied.
  • In the event of loss of, or damage to, publications borrowed from the Library, the borrower will be obliged to pay compensation, which is determined by the Central Bank of Malta. Alternatively, the borrower may purchase a replacement copy of the publication and deliver this to the Library.
  • Borrowers who are liable to make such compensation will not be permitted to use the Library's facilities until such time as the matter has been settled to the satisfaction of the Central Bank of Malta.