Reports and Articles 2022

Policy Note: Global oil price swings and shipping disruptions: Do they matter for Malta? 23 December 2022
WP/06/2022 - Assessing the impacts of the COVID-19 wage supplement scheme: A microsimulation study 20 December 2022
Reviewing the energy block within the narrow inflation projection exercise 19 December 2022
Inflation developments in Malta compared with the euro area 19 December 2022
The impact of Budget 2023 targets on the Bank's fiscal projections 19 December 2022
Special Feature: The effect of rising interest rates on households’ mortgage repayment capabilities 12 December 2022
Household Finance and Consumption Survey: Main findings from the 2020 wave 2 December 2022
A comparison between registered and advertised rents in Malta 2 December 2022
The direct impact of the recovery and resilience facility fund in Malta 2 December 2022
Bayesian estimation of MEDSEA-FIN 2 December 2022
Constructing a new advertised house price index 16 November 2022
Excess demand for banknotes in Malta 16 November 2022
Transactions at point of sale (POS) terminals in Malta between 2017 and 2021 16 November 2022
Developments in the information and communication sector 16 November 2022
WP/05/2022 - MEDSEA-FIN: An estimated DSGE model with housing and financial frictions for Malta 3 October 2022
Green finance in the local capital markets 16 September 2022
Policy Note: The impact of Brexit on Maltese firms - Insights from a survey with local non-financial corporations 15 September 2022                   
Policy Note: The impact of COVID-19 on longer careers - An initial assessment for Malta 10 August 2022
Merchandise trade between Malta and selected MENA countries (2011-2021) 3 August 2022
The economic effects of the COVID-19 tourism downturn 3 August 2022
Malta's climate-relevant fiscal measures 3 August 2022
Malta's long-term ageing expenditure forecasts - The impact of migration assumptions 3 August 2022
Liquidity conditions and monetary policy operations from maintenance period 1 to maintenance period 8 of 2021 3 August 2022
Review of current efforts for mitigating climate risk and related scenario design 28 July 2022
Treatment of debt securities in the macro stress testing's current climate-related adverse scenario 28 July 2022
Insights from the Central Bank of Malta survey on buffer usability 28 July 2022
Assessing cyclical risks in Malta 28 July 2022
Net stable funding ratio stress test 28 July 2022
Bank lending survey results - 2021  28 July 2022
Do EU-wide stress tests affect insurers’ dividend policies? 23 June 2022

Business investment and investment finance in Malta – Evidence from the EIBIS 2021 Survey

19 May 2022

The characteristics associated with the short and long-term unemployed in the Maltese labour market

19 May 2022

Malta’s governance framework: Insights from international governance indicators

19 May 2022

The Fiscal Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

19 May 2022
Policy Note: Constructing a new advertised house price index 5 May 2022

Access to Finance in 2021

27 April 2022
Overview of the financial assets and liabilities of the Maltese economy by institutional sector 27 April 2022

Advertised rents in Malta

27 April 2022

Sectoral contributions to aggregate labour productivity and ULC growth

27 April 2022

The sustainability of Maltese Government debt

27 April 2022
WP/04/2022 - A stress testing framework for the Maltese household sector 1 April 2022
Policy Note: The role of fiscal policy in climate change mitigation and adaptation in Malta 25 March 2022
WP/03/2022 - The spillover of euro area shocks to the Maltese economy 17 February 2022
WP/02/2022 - Nowcasting the Maltese economy with a dynamic factor model 17 February 2022           

Mitigation measures, prevalence response and public mobility during the COVID-19 emergency                                       

3 February 2022

Exchange rate pass-through to consumer prices in Malta

3 February 2022

Trends in educational attainment in Malta

3 February 2022
Policy Note: Excess demand for banknotes in Malta 17 January 2022
Policy Note: Who are the (dis)savers? A look at household saving patterns and wealth composition in Malta 17 January 2022
WP/01/2022 - Considerations on the Monetary Policy Framework of the European Central Bank 7 January 2022