Reports and Articles 2019

Income and wealth inequality in Malta: Evidence from micro data 25 November 2019
Recent developments in Malta's public capital stock and the macroeconomic benefits of closing the gap 25 November 2019
Developments in the foreign workforce in Malta 25 November 2019
Short term rentals in Malta: A look at Airbnb listings 13 November 2019
WP/04/2019 - Household Finance and Consumption Survey in Malta: Main results from the Third Wave 19 September 2019                 
Banks' exposure to real estate market and the Central Bank of Malta's macroprudential policy response

2 September 2019          

The effect of foreign workers and the pension reform on the participation rate: A cohort approach 26 July 2019
The gravity model for Maltese goods exports and imports 26 July 2019
Small and medium-sized enterprises' contribution to the Maltese economy 26 July 2019
The macroeconomic effects of closing the public sector capital gap in Malta 11 July 2019
The European Commission's business and consumer surveys and Maltese macroeconomic trends  31 May 2019
WP/03/2019 - Income and Wealth Inequality in Malta: Evidence from Micro Data 27 May 2019
An unobserved components model for potential output in Malta 21 May 2019
The length of stay of foreign workers in Malta 21 May 2019
Business investment and investment finance in Malta - Evidence from the EIBIS 2018 Survey  21 May 2019
A cohort approach to project the labour participation rate in Malta 26 April 2019
The Sustainability of Maltese Government Debt 24 April 2019
Overview of the Financial Assets and Liabilities of the Maltese Economy by Institutional Sector 24 April 2019
Access to Finance in 2018 24 April 2019
An Analysis of Maltese Payment Habits in 2018 24 April 2019
WP/02/2019 - Hedonic house price indices for Malta: A mortgage-based approach 8 April 2019
WP/01/2019 - The gravity model for Maltese goods exports and imports 2 April 2019
Unconventional monetary policy in the euro area: Macroeconomic context, effectiveness, unintended consequences, and normalization by Dr Stefano Siviero  11 February 2019
BREXIT: Customs preparations by Joseph Chetcuti, Director General, Customs Department 11 February 2019
Labour market slack 11 February 2019
The evolution of the housing stock in Malta 11 February 2019
Developments in the wholesale and retail sector 11 February 2019
The length of stay of foreign workers in Malta 4 January 2019