Reports and Articles 2018

Labour market flows in Malta 13 November 2018
The evolution of Malta's tourism product over recent years 13 November 2018
The Household Budgetary Survey 2015: Key findings on the expenditure patterns of households in Malta and Gozo 13 November 2018
Welfare state - Necessity not luxury 13 November 2018
WP/06/2018 - Wage income distribution and mobility in Malta 9 November 2018
Ten years in EMU: Malta's experience 9 November 2018
SMEs' contribution to the Maltese economy and future prospects 30 October 2018
WP/05/2018 - Inflation-linked bonds: An introduction  3 October 2018
Determinants of labour productivity in Malta from a firm-level survey 25 July 2018
Household expenditure in Malta and the RPI inflation basket 25 July 2018
Central Bank of Malta 50th Anniversary Conference 25 July 2018
WP/04/2018 - Forecasting using BVARs: A benchmark for STREAM 19 June 2018     
Poverty, social exclusion and living conditions in Malta: An analysis using SILC 15 May 2018
Survey on Access to Finance (SAFE) in 2017 15 May 2018
Estimating fiscal multipliers from a structural model: An application of the fiscal extension to MEDSEA 15 May 2018
The Central Bank of Malta's First Fifty Years: A Solid Foundation for the Future 4 May 2018
WP/03/2018 - Forecasting unemployment rates in Malta: A labour market flows approach  18 April 2018
The sustainability of Maltese government debt: 2018Q1 update 10 April 2018
Revisions in population projections and their implications for the growth of the Maltese economy 10 April 2018
A Financial Conditions Index for the Maltese economy 10 April 2018
WP/02/2018 - Housing boom-bust cycles and asymmetric macroprudential policy 20 March 2018
WP/01/2018 - Forecasting deflation probability in the EA: A combinatoric approach 13 March 2018
The Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Reforms in the Energy Sector 8 February 2018
Business Investment and Investment Finance in Malta - Evidence from the EIBIS 2017 Survey 8 February 2018
Developments in the Manufacturing Sector 8 February 2018