Rapporti u Artikli 2021

Policy Note: Malta’s public finances through the COVID-19 pandemic 17 ta' Diċembru 2021
Policy Note: The economic effects of the COVID-19 tourism downturn 09 ta' Diċembru 2021
FSR Interim 2021 Special Feature: The Maltese financial sector's exposure to climate-sensitive sectors 25 ta' Novembru 2021
Policy Note: The impact of migration assumptions on ageing expenditure forecasts 23 ta' Novembru 2021
Growth of the professional, scientific and technical sector and of the administrative and support service activities sector 12 ta' Novembru 2021
Timing the Maltese business cycle 12 ta' Novembru 2021
Transactions at Point of Sale (POS) terminals in Malta in recent years 12 ta' Novembru 2021
WP/05/2021 - A study on the exchange rate pass-through to consumer prices in Malta 18 ta' Awwissu 2021

The characteristics associated with the short and long-term unemployed in the Maltese labour market

16 ta' Awwissu 2021
Saving behaviour in Malta: Insights from the Household Budgetary Survey 12 ta' Awwissu 2021
Renewable electricity in Malta: A question of sources 12 ta' Awwissu 2021
The inflation experience of low-income households 12 ta' Awwissu 2021
WP/04/2021 - Labour productivity growth in Malta: A sectoral decomposition analysis 11 ta' Awwissu 2021
Policy Note: Employment limitations of peripheral regions: The case of Gozo 11 ta' Awwissu 2021
Policy Note: Malta's Governance Framework: Insights from International Governance Indicators 11 ta' Awwissu 2021                         
WP/03/2021 - Mitigation measures, prevalence response and public mobility during the COVID-19 emergency 11 ta' Awwissu 2021            

Impact of EU-wide insurance stress tests on equity prices and systemic risk

6 ta' Lulju 2021
Policy Note: An analysis of educational attainment in Malta 14 ta' Ġunju 2021
Developments in the Maltese economic structure since 2000: an analysis using chain-linked sectoral national accounts data 14 ta' Mejju 2021
The determinants of well-being: Results from the European quality of life survey 14 ta' Mejju 2021
Estimates of industry-specific multipliers for the Maltese economy on the basis of the SIOT for 2015 14 ta' Mejju 2021
Liquidity conditions and monetary policy operations from maintenance period 1 to maintenance period 8 of 2020 14 ta' Mejju 2021
Policy Note: The COVID-19 pandemic and disruption in 2020: Developing a government response tracker in Malta 28 ta' April 2021
Policy Note: The inflation experience of low income households 22 ta' April 2021
Access to Finance in 2020   14 ta' April 2021
Overview of the financial assets and liabilities of the Maltese economy by institutional sector 14 ta' April 2021
Sectoral contributions to aggregate labour productivity and ULC growth 14 ta' April 2021
The sustainability of the Maltese government debt 14 ta' April 2021
WP/02/2021 - Saving behaviour in Malta: Insights from the Household Budgetary Survey 10 ta' Marzu 2021
WP/01/2021 - Timing the Maltese business cycle: A historical perspective 16 ta' Frar 2021
An analysis of Malta's potential to telework 11 ta' Frar 2021
Long-term housing rentals in Malta 11 ta' Frar 2021
The 2020 National Accounts benchmark revision 11 ta' Frar 2021