Rapporti u Artikli 2018

Labour market flows in Malta 13 ta' Novembru 2018
The evolution of Malta's tourism product over recent years 13 ta' Novembru 2018
The Household Budgetary Survey 2015: Key findings on the expenditure patterns of households in Malta and Gozo 13 ta' Novembru 2018
Welfare state - Necessity not luxury 13 ta' Novembru 2018
WP/06/2018 - Wage income distribution and mobility in Malta 9 ta' Novembru 2018
Ten years in EMU: Malta's experience 9 ta' Novembru 2018
SMEs' contribution to the Maltese economy and future prospects 30 ta' Ottubru 2018
WP/05/2018 - Inflation-linked bonds: An introduction 3 ta' Ottubru 2018
Determinants of labour productivity in Malta from a firm-level survey 25 ta' Lulju 2018
Household expenditure in Malta and the RPI inflation basket 25 ta' Lulju 2018
Central Bank of Malta 50th Anniversary Conference 25 ta' Lulju 2018
WP/04/2018 - Forecasting using BVARs: A benchmark for STREAM 19 ta' Ġunju 2018
Poverty, social exclusion and living conditions in Malta: An analysis using SILC 15 ta' Mejju 2018
Survey on Access to Finance (SAFE) in 2017 15 ta' Mejju 2018
Estimating fiscal multipliers from a structural model: An application of the fiscal extension to MEDSEA 15 ta' Mejju 2018
The Central Bank of Malta's First Fifty Years: A Solid Foundation for the Future 4 ta' Mejju 2018
WP/03/2018 - Forecasting unemployment rates in Malta: A labour market flows approach   18 ta' April 2018
The sustainability of Maltese government debt: 2018Q1 update 10 ta' April 2018
Revisions in population projections and their implications for the growth of the Maltese economy 10 ta' April 2018
A Financial Conditions Index for the Maltese economy 10 ta' April 2018
WP/02/2018 - Housing boom-bust cycles and asymmetric macroprudential policy 20 ta' Marzu 2018
WP/01/2018 - Forecasting deflation probability in the EA: A combinatoric approach 13 ta' Marzu 2018
The Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Reforms in the Energy Sector 8 ta' Frar 2018
Business Investment and Investment Finance in Malta - Evidence from the EIBIS 2017 Survey 8 ta' Frar 2018
Developments in the Manufacturing Sector 8 ta' Frar 2018