Social Media Policy

The Central Bank of Malta uses a variety of social media platforms to publish its information, using the most appropriate one to reach different audiences.

  • The Central Bank of Malta provides followers on Twitter at and on LinkedIn at with a variety of content including links to media releases, speeches, publications, reports and research papers, adverts and other publicly available material.
  • Information on public events and notices of public interest are posted on Facebook at Central Bank of Malta - Events (, the only official Facebook page belonging to the Bank.
  • Our YouTube channel is used to upload video content, which is then disseminated via our website.
  • The Bank's location is also identified on Google Maps.

The social media accounts are managed by Knowledge Services Office on behalf of the organisation. They can be accessed through the Central Bank of Malta's website.

For further information on how the Bank uses social media platforms, please read the Central Bank of Malta Social Media Terms of Use.