Governor's Corner

Governor Scicluna welcomes Chairperson of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) at the Central Bank of Malta

On Tuesday 17 January 2023, Central Bank of Malta Governor, Professor Edward Scicluna, was paid a courtesy visit by Architect David Xuereb, as the newly appointed chairperson of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) on 9 January 2023.

During this meeting, the Governor spoke about the key role of the MCESD as an advisory council that issues opinions and recommendations to the Maltese government, civil society and the public on matters of economic and social relevance. This was particularly evident during the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and in finding ways to mitigate the effects of the Russia-Ukrainian conflict on the Maltese economy.

The meeting was held in the Governor's office at Central Bank of Malta premises in Valletta.

Courtesy Visit - MCESD
Architect David Xuereb, Chairperson of the MCESD and Professor Edward Scicluna, Central Bank of Malta Governor