10 January 2017

The Architect in Pasmore - Lecture by Professor Conrad Thake

  • Venue: Victor Pasmore Gallery, Central Bank of Malta Annexe, Valletta
  • Date From: 10/01/2017 18:30:00
  • Date To: 10/01/2017 19:30:00
  • Contact Person: Ms Giulia Privitelli
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

The Architect in Pasmore - Lecture by Professor Conrad Thake

"Purely formal painting does make it possible for an integration of the painter, and the architect. In fact, the painter is a form of architect." - Victor Pasmore (from 'The Artist Speas'. BBC Art Film, March 1960)

The lecture, delivered by Professor Conrad Thake, will explore Victor Pasmore's earlier experimentation with abstraction, and representations of the dynamics of three-dimensional space, his formative influences leading to his direct involvement as an artistic consultant in the design of the town plan of Peterlee. Specific reference will be made to the controversial Apollo Pavilion as an iconic architectural sculpture that over time becomes a point of reference within the local community. Furthermore, the Malta years are considered in relation to the artist's own residence Dar Ġamri, limits of Gudja which relate to a symbiotic syntax that combines local vernacular architecture with Pasmore's modernist interventions. Pasmore's work, thus, is essentially seen as a spatial, experiential one where the formal boundaries between mural paintings, installations, sculpture and architecture dissolve and merge into one.

The lecture is free of charge. Entrance to the gallery is through Ġlormu Cassar Street (the road leading up to Castille Square).

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