06 December 2016

The Independence of Painting - Lecture by Luciano Micallef

  • Venue: Victor Pasmore Gallery, Central Bank of Malta Annexe, Valletta
  • Date From: 06/12/2016 18:30:00
  • Date To: 06/12/2016 19:30:00
  • Contact Person: Ms Giulia Privitelli
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

The Independence of Painting - Lecture by Luciano Micallef

"I consciously avoid being influenced by visual, optical scenery now - however much I think it beautiful (and I do). I'm not interested in 'abstract' pictures of clouds, say, of the sea. Not one iota. I'm interested in producing a completely independent picture, which can suggest a symbol for abstract ideas." - Victor Pasmore, The Artist Speaks, 1951 

In this public talk, artist Luciano Micallef traces the evolutionary line consisting of parallel and interconnecting approaches to expression, thought and artistic creation. This is the same line along which he introduces us, and delves deeply, into the work Victor Pasmore which materialised from this continuous oscillating line from the physical to the metaphysical.  The visual language, process and thought of Pasmore will be presented in light of the leading exponents of early twentieth-century artistic movements, including references to Japanese art, as well as Luciano Micallef's own personal experience and reflections, as a practicing artist, on the process of abstraction and visual thinking.

The lecture is free of charge, however, reservation is highly encouraged given that the space is very limited. Entrance to the gallery is through Ġlormu Cassar street (the road leading up to Castille Square).

The Tuesday Talks series is managed by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Malta, the Victor Pasmore Foundation and Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, and is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

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